4-day tour

Jungle Expedition

€ 300, - per person

Would you like to go on an adventure? Then this tour is for you. An expedition and overnight stay in the jungle is an absolute experience. On this tour far from the inhabited world and all the luxury, you can enjoy plenty of flora and fauna and go on a primitive trip and "survival" in the jungle.

Two nights on the island
One night in the forest
Meals and transport
Walk in the Woods
Village Walk & Culture Experience
Nightly boat trip & Alligator Spotting
Swimming opportunities

Day 1Your departure is at 7.00am from Paramaribo to Atjoni. You will have a stop at Bronsweg where you can enjoy some snacks. When you arrive on the island at 12.00pm you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal. On day one you can relax in the rapids, take a walk in the woods and after dinner, together with an experienced guide you will have a night boat trip and go alligator spotting.

Day 2On day two after breakfast at 8.00am you may take a village walk in one of the nearby villages. You will stay the whole day in the village with the local people and enjoy the different activities. Our guide will be with you and teach you about the culture. If the group consists of at least 4 people you can also participate in the traditional dance. After this village experience you will go back to Knini Paati where dinner is ready at 19.00pm.

Day 3On day three breakfast starts at 8.00am. The check-out time is 9.00am. Your adventure starts now, because you are going into the forest to the Knini Paati Jungle Camp. Here various activities will be undertaken such as fishing in the traditional manner and also preparing it in the jungle. You will sleep in a hammock (with a mosquito net) and will spend this day in a primitive way far from all the luxury. If the weather is good, there will be a campfire and our guide will be telling the fascinating stories of the culture, jungle and more.

Day 4After an adventurous night we will leave to the resort where you can exchange your jungle clothing for clean clothes. A warm meal awaits you. After the warm meal you will be leaving to Paramaribo.